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Is AVAST’s CCleaner a Dangerous Application?

During the installation, CCleaner (owned by AVAST … go figure) tried to connect to some IPs several times and even tried to PING their IPs. I have seen the “Ping” trick before with other software also.

Trying to remove the installed software, again CCleaner tried to connect to some IPs …

Secure Your WordPress: Disable Get Author Name Vulnerability

Did you know that a hacker can find your WordPress admin name, just by typing “”. Apart from the fact that you should use a very secure password for your admin, it would be best to completely hide your admin userid for security reasons. Here is how:

Add this to …

zen-cache-lite for Wordpress

ZenCache: The BEST Caching Plugin for WordPress

This summer i worked for two months with a small hosting company, helping them with their WordPress customers. I had to suggest and install some default plugins to all shared servers and a standard caching plugin was one of them.

There are a lot of reviews of caching plugins around …

Your Complete Guide to Troubleshooting Osclass

It is only normal to have problems when running your Osclass based website. Especially if you are new at all this and you have little or no experience with PHP, Linux, Databases and Control Panels.

I see a lot of people posting at Osclass Support forums, and to be honest …