Banned from GDPR NOT Respected? …. [S01E02]

After being banned from for no reason at all, we tried to get our accounts removed/forgotten as we are entitled under GDPR European law.

The guys at have done a great job making hard for anyone to contact them for some reason. Finally we were able to locate it at Data Erasure Request. But then after giving our email, we were told that we must LOGIN first.

Retention of personal information

If you would like to request deletion of your account and associated data, please follow these steps: Visit Enter your email address. Click “Accept Declaration and Request Permanent Account Deletion”. Note: If you have a account, it’s recommended you log in before submitting to associate your account with the request.

But how can we login while banned? We simply can’t. There is no way.

We have send a total of three emails, one to, a second to and a third to (in a week period, not all at once) to request our accounts to be removed and some data erased. Not sure why we have to use the “” to request anything and not, this is a bit confusing.

Anyway the emails went out and until today 5 of April 2019 we haven’t got a single reply and no email has bounced back. I guess we will never get one.

So we have two accounts banned for no reason at all, two accounts that can’t login and request to be deleted and forgotten. Clearly this is a violation of our GDPR rights to be erased and forgotten and also a cocky attitude from whoever runs and administers

What is next? There is not much we can do about it. If was a European website, things would be more easy and we could follow some procedure. Someone suggested to make a new account and post the whole issue at forums. But will not do that because some “volunteer” admin will probably erase or lock our topic (after having the last word), making things even worst.

We will continue to blog about it and go on with our lifes (using WordPress script, since we love it).

2 thoughts on “Banned from GDPR NOT Respected? …. [S01E02]”

  1. Lo Faro says:

    So, did you finally resolved this after all this time ?

    1. Editor says:

      Actually no, we got no replies or anything. I can’t believe how bad they handle things like that.

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