External UASP USB Enclosures & Windows 10 Errors: How to Fix Them

Recently I had some serious problems with a new Verbatim USB3 external disk case and my Windows 10. My System event log was full of errors and warnings from UASPStor, like “event ID 129″ and “Reset to device; \Device\RaidPort4, was issued..”, all of them pointing to Windows 10 UASPStor.sys driver.

On the other hand, when i used a USB2 port to attach the enclosure, the problem is gone. Maybe it has to do with the external disk case usb controller ? Or Windows 10 UASP driver for USB3 ? I have no idea.

UASP stands for USB Attached SCSI Protocol and in theory allows faster read/write data speeds to and from storage devices.

After searching Google for a solution, I realized that this is a well known problem with Windows 10 and some usb enclosures and that there is no official Windows fix for it.

I tried a lot of suggestions and none of them worked. I switched to different Windows 10 power plans, disabled all power saving in USB devices, disabled power savings to PCIE, you name it, it tried them all. Nothing worked.

Finally I found a “hack” that did work great and doesn’t seem to produce any other side-effects for a month now. The only problem is that after each Windows big update, i have to “apply” the hack manually but this is not a big issue.

The “hack” is fully described in this Lenovo Forum topic:


and I’m reposting it just in case it gets deleted or removed:


What you actually do is to force Windows 10 system to use the traditional USB3.0 driver instead of the UASPStor.sys.

Finally since this is actually a “hack”, please do not hold me responsible for any problems or data loss you may have after applying this.

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3 thoughts on “External UASP USB Enclosures & Windows 10 Errors: How to Fix Them”

  1. mkk says:

    Thanks for the idea. I’ve had this issue for years over two completely different builds, one Intel based and another AMD based. It happened with any and all UASP supported USB solutions that I’ve tried, at least four. It could run fine for a while but usually croaked on any heavier file transfers.

    This hack works.

  2. Crs says:

    If you see that error every x minutes exactly, then apparently you use some disk monitoring software ? Crystal DiskInfo maybe ?

    Everytime Crystal Disk Info is Rescaning (Auto Detection) a UASP device, there is such an warning (yellow) in Windows 10 System Even.

    Disable the feature and check again. I hope i helped ….

  3. Alessandro Cagliostro says:

    With todays big May 2019 Windows update (1903) it seems that the UASP driver is also updated. So i will not apply the above fix and see how it goes. Maybe something was finally fixed.

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