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[Solved] Long delay in emails notifications  

Dave Baron
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Not sure if you are aware of it but the notification emails from the forums (for example when a new topic is posted or a reply) are not realtime. It takes from 10 to 20 minutes to be sent.

Not a big issue, still could be a problem.


Posted : November 5, 2019 17:16
Reputable Member Moderator


Thanks for the notice. I will try to explain without going into technical matters.

We are using WordPress. By default WordPress send all emails right away. That can (and had) cause problems in email delivery, due to many reasons. Outgoing emails can be blocked by our hosting provider or flagged as spam. Also other issues exist.

So all outgoing email from our WordPress installation and plugins (forum included) are directed to a queue. That queue is used to send all emails in batches. Each “batch” process can’t exceed 20 seconds. 20 seconds are enough to send around 50-60 emails from the queue. The queue is checked every 5 minute and all emails that can be send in 20 seconds are routed to our provider’s heavy duty commercial grade mail server.

So the max waiting time is 5 minutes at worst. And there can be sometimes a possible delay from the mail server for 1-2 minutes.

That’s all. 5 to 10 minutes of delay, usually 3-4 minutes from our tests.


Posted : November 5, 2019 17:32