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Osclass: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Free Plugin  

Alessandro Cagliostro
Estimable Member

This plugin tackles three GDPR requirements: (still in beta and will be improved over time)

- Gaining consent to collect and use data by inlcuding, "I agree with terms and conditions" tick boxes.

- Right to erasure, if your theme doesn't have aleary a "Remove account" button you will be able to add it as a "User menu" entry.

- Right to data portability, users will be able to download all data collected by your Osclass website. (Bear in mind that some plugins may store information and won't be download.).

As a administrator you can define if the Download link automatically generates the user data on the fly or a request user data email is send to the website email contact address.

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Posted : August 6, 2018 17:13
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Alessandro Cagliostro
Estimable Member

I'm attaching also the latest version 1.21 (as of August 2018, newer may exist) for archiving reasons.


Posted : August 6, 2018 17:14
Johannes de Sacrobosco
Eminent Member

There is a small fix, you have to find delete

if(osc_is_current_page('login', 'recover_post')) { return true; }

from file in the plugin. See:

/ gdpr_osclass / class/OsclassGdpr.php file and delete line #296 code 
(in version 1.2.1)

in order password forgot to work right.

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Posted : August 12, 2018 22:11

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