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[Closed] Important: Osclass 3.9.0 Release Candidate 2  

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At last Osclass 3.9.0 RC2 is available at Github.


This is a Release Candidate version and should NOT be used in a production site. Just for testing purposes.

I attach here the files just in case you are not familiar with Github.


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Posted : November 5, 2019 13:17
Dave Baron
Active Member

Hello and thanks for keeping us updated.

I installed the above version on my small site after doing a complete backup.I just ftped the files, over the old ones.

One thing i noticed is that a couple of plugins i heavily rely on, didn't work. I have no idea what the problem is but they just don't.

The one of them, i don't really care, i disabled it. The second is something that i consider a must-have. The Spam protect plugin.

Any ideas what the problem could be and how i can solve it ?

For now i restored the old db and files and i'm ok. Still very interesting to follow the development of 3.9

Posted : November 11, 2019 17:10
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Yes, the Spam plugin doesn't work. If you enable debug for Osclass you will see the error. Something about "phpmailer".

And i have no idea how we will solve this, since the developer has totally abandoned his plugin.

This actually an other problem we will face if we update to 3.9. Many themes and plugins will not work well. Maybe the fix will be very easy, still who is gonna do all this work ?


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Posted : November 11, 2019 17:24
New Member

Hi guys.

Is that version (3.9) going to be released anytime soon?

Are there any compatibility issues with themes?


Posted : November 11, 2019 22:49
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Hi there. It will be release until the end of the year i guess. As for compatibility, no problem have been reported with plugins from Osclass team but some problems do exist in 3rd party plugins.

But to be honest i think a very few tests have been done, so we nobody knows.

We hope for the best.

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Posted : November 12, 2019 11:58

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