Hetzner GmbH: Hosting Botnets, Scrappers, Spammers and Hacking Scripts

For years we have been suffering from all kind of attacks and hacking attempts from Hetzner Online GmbH. ALL our emails, complains, reports have been TOTALLY IGNORED.

It seems that Hetzner Online GmbH is a paradise for scammers, spammers, Russian hackers and all kind of illegal web and online activities. Also they seem to totally ignore any complains to they abuse email. They don’t give a damn about it.


They deserve a special post, so here it comes along with evidence.

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One thought on “Hetzner GmbH: Hosting Botnets, Scrappers, Spammers and Hacking Scripts”

  1. Alessandro Cagliostro says:

    A fresh one of 1 November 2017, a few hundred of login/brute force to our WordPress server.


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