Is AVAST’s CCleaner a Dangerous Application?

During the installation, CCleaner (owned by AVAST … go figure) tried to connect to some IPs several times and even tried to PING their IPs. I have seen the “Ping” trick before with other software also.

Trying to remove the installed software, again CCleaner tried to connect to some IPs to “update” and also some “au.exe” application tried to “phone home”. I have never seen an application trying to “update” when uninstalled. So it is not an “update” but a “phone home” about being uninstalled.

I would suggest to stay away from such “free” applications, that try to connect to UNKNOWN sources without telling you so or ask for your permission to do so.

Worst of all, most of the IPs CCleaner tried to contact ( & and others) belong to Privax Ltd in Czech Republic or Germany and are related to “”. Not sure what all that crap means but i don’t like it. Thanks but NO Thanks Avast. BYE BYE.

Keep in mind that CCleaner has been HACKED two times the last 2 years.

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