m247.com: An Other Kid On The (spamming) Block

Lately we are having a huge spam attack in several Contact forms. All coming from IPs registered to M247.com all over Europe.

IP blocks like 185.104.184.x, 185.212.171.x, 185.130.184.x, 89.238.167.x, from Italy 95.174.64.x, from Paris 185.189.113.x, from Germany 89.249.65.x, from Poland 194.99.105.x and from Czech Republic 89.238.186.x. This is getting more and more exciting, meaning we must find all their IPs and blocked them all manually (edit: not possible).

spam from m237.comWe contacted their support with all details and we got back some automated replies. We also filled their abuse form with all the details and also got their typical (mostly automated) replies.

After a while we were informed that our support ticket (case) is closed.

Hi ,

Thank you for your enquiry, your case 00490221 has now been closed.

We hope that this has been resolved to your satisfaction, if you have any further queries then please send a new email to support@m247.com or give us a call.

Please do not respond to this email as you may not get a response due to the case now being closed.

Kind regards,

M247 Support Team



Your report has been passed to the relevant team.
As we don’t have visibility of the IP mentioned, I will close the case from our UK based office as this is currently with our Romanian office.

Please be assured the correct team will be looking into this for you.

If you wish to speak to us about this case, please call our friendly team at 0161 822 2580 and quote case number: 00490221.

Kind Regards,


Support Team

(who is Obi ? Obi-Wan Kenobi ?)

While we were able to block some IPs, it seems there is more to it. We emailed them AGAIN and got  a reply that their “romanian” branch is taking care of the problem and our ticket is (again) closed.

We find strange for a company to ignore and actually tolerate and probably hide some RUSSIAN spammers that adverise porn sites, using M247 services. Not hard to find what happens if you simply check some IPs against IP ABUSE report sites.

m247_com_spamm2470-botnet-abuseWe will try to submit an official complain to UK authorities and see what happens. We have a really impressive archive of spam from their IPs.

So thanks M247 for spamming us and …. as you say in UK “Cheers” ….


M247 Ltd, Metronet UK Ltd and Venus Business Communications Ltd trading as M247.
Registered in England and Wales. Registered numbers: 04968341, 04975343 & 04800517

Registered office: Turing House, Archway 5, Manchester M15 5RL

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  1. Editor says:

    Again we were attacked today with a huge spam load via Contact forms from Germany IPs this time.


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