Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins for WordPress

Most “reviews” for WP plugins i see on the Internet, are nothing but copy-paste from WordPress.org or just paid ads, usually from people that have never installed and use them.

This is my ultimate list of really good and totally free plugins for WordPress. Plugins that i have installed and …


Comodo Firewall: Time To Say Goodbye? (after 13 years)

It was around 2000 that i discovered Zone Alarm firewall for my Windows working pc. I was very exited at the time because ZA was a lightweight and powerful firewall. But that didn’t last for very long, ZA after 2-3 years turned to a heavy bloatware. Around that time ZA …

CCleaner Avast Dangerous

Is AVAST’s CCleaner a Dangerous Application?

During the installation, CCleaner (owned by AVAST … go figure) tried to connect to some IPs several times and even tried to PING their IPs. I have seen the “Ping” trick before with other software also.

Trying to remove the installed software, again CCleaner tried to connect to some IPs …