Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for May 2019

After been hacked (via a vulnerable WordPress plugin named YUZO Related), we decided to change our security net and add an other layer of protection. That extra layer, that doesn’t depend on WordPress anymore, provides a huge amount of detailed statistics per month.

So here are the TOP 10 Toxic Web and Cloud Hosting services for May 2019: (per number of attacks)

  1. Cloud service “UK Dedicated Servers”, NL (IPs
  2. Cloud service “Digital Ocean Inc”, NL & US (IPs 46.101.*.*,,,
  3. Cloud service “ LLC”, US (IPs 50.63.*.*, 50.62.*.*)
  4. Cloud service “OVH Systems”, CA & FR (IPs,,,
  5. Cloud service “CLOUD STAR”, EE (Estonia) (IPs
  6. Cloud service “, Inc”, US (IPs,
  7. Cloud service “SingleHop, Inc”, US (IPs
  8. Cloud service “OVH Systems”, IT (Ips 151.80.*.*)
  9. Cloud service “O.M.C. C.C. LTD”, IL (Israel) (IPs
  10. Cloud service “ USA INC”, US (IPs

All the above IPs executed hundreds of attacks and other probes for all kind of vulnerabilities. Let me add that the list is very long (around 5000 attacks total for May) and names like OVH, Amazon and Digital Ocean are repeated many times for different IPs and smaller attacks. Later this year, i will try to load the whole log to Excel and find a way to post some more statistics per company or per country etc etc.

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One thought on “Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for May 2019”

  1. Senator says:

    This is of no surpise that OVH is always on top of attackers.

    See recent report from Wordfence:

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