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Osclass: Renew Ads Free Plugin  

Alessandro Cagliostro
Estimable Member

Osclass Renew Ads plugin will add a republish page to user dashboard.

From plugin admin you can set how many times a user can republish his ad, how long he have to wait to republish the ad again and if you want to be notified when a user republish his ad.

In plugin admin there are also cron job settings to delete expired ads and ads marked as spam.

The plugin have a log page where you can see 3 tables, one for ads that are been renewed by users, one for ads that will expire soon and one for expired ads that are been deleted. All tables are sortable by clicking on the header.

This plugin is meant to give the privilege to republish the ad only to registered users. It is NOT available at Osclass Market (so use at your own risk).


Also you need to modify your Theme’s user-custom.php file in order to fix some display mess in user dashboard Renew option. The sample file if for Osclass Wizards theme, you may need to adapt it to your theme.

The changes are in:

 <div class="row">
  <?php osc_current_web_theme_path('user-sidebar.php'); ?>

<div class="col-sm-8 col-md-9">
<h1 class="title"></h1>
<?php osc_render_file(); ?>



For archiving reasons, i’m attaching the latest version here (1.0.4 ).


Posted : April 2, 2017 17:14
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