CCleaner Avast Dangerous

CCleaner Is Dangerous Tool: Phones Home Even After Uninstalled

As if this wasn’t enough

Is AVAST’s CCleaner a Dangerous Application?

today looking at my firewall logs, i saw CCleaner application being blocked. BUT wait a minute, i have NO CCleaner installed anymore. Double checked my Windows applications installed and there was NO CCleaner. Then i looked at my Program …

Attacks That Imunify360 Didn’t Stop (Ninja Firewall Did)

Ι’m posting here a small sample of the first instance of each attack, from the logs. Most of those attacks happen several times in a day (or days) from different IPs.

While Imunify360 didn’t stop them and Ninja Firewall for WordPress did, most probably there is no risk, if your …

Imunify360 vs Ninja Firewall (WP Edition in Full WAF Mode)

Imunify360 was enabled in this website as of March 2020. Ninja Firewall plugin in full WAF mode will remain enabled just in case, since we have no control on settings or any statistics for Imunify360.

Let’s see how good this Imunify360 AI “thing” is (or not). Keep in mind that …


The King Of WEB Spam for 2019: M247

The King of Web Spam and Blog Spam for 2019 is officially the ISP

M247 Europe SRL

or by whatever other name they appear (or whoever is using their services). Spam sources mainly from Sweden, The Netherland and Germany. We have tried to battle this for our sites, with some …