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Imunify360 vs Ninja Firewall (WP Edition in Full WAF Mode)

Imunify360 was enabled in this website as of March 2020. Ninja Firewall plugin in full WAF mode will remain enabled just in case, since we have no control on settings or any statistics for Imunify360.

Let’s see how good this Imunify360 AI “thing” is (or not). Keep in mind that …


Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins for WordPress

Most “reviews” for WP plugins i see on the Internet, are nothing but copy-paste from or just paid ads, usually from people that have never installed and use them.

This is my ultimate list of really good and totally free plugins for WordPress. Plugins that i have installed and …


HACKED: Two Top WordPress Security Plugins Failed

Three days ago two WordPress sites of ours, were hacked via YUZO Related plugin (60.000+ installations worldwide). Both sites were updated to WordPress 4.9.10 and some very popular security plugins were active. Actually each website was running a different security plugin and BOTH totally failed in their mission.

First WordPress …

Banned from GDPR NOT Respected? …. [S01E02]

After being banned from for no reason at all, we tried to get our accounts removed/forgotten as we are entitled under GDPR European law.

The guys at have done a great job making hard for anyone to contact them for some reason. Finally we were able to locate …

banned from

Banned from Because I Was Talking to Myself …. [S01E01]

it appears that you use 2 accounts in the forums to have conversations with yourself. Multiple accounts are not permitted in the support forums.

This is what i got as reply from some admin (whoever reads and responds to after asking why my 5 years old account was …