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Osclass: Survival Guide for a Dying Classifieds Script

… maybe a better title could be “Requiem for Osclass” or “Osclass forums are down” or even “Osclass is Dead and Buried” ? Nope, there is still some hope left, please read on …..

Osclass was released on January of 2010 (Osclass version 1.1) and the last release was version …

Your Complete Guide to Troubleshooting Osclass

It is only normal to have problems when running your Osclass based website. Especially if you are new at all this and you have little or no experience with PHP, Linux, Databases and Control Panels.

I see a lot of people posting at Osclass Support forums, and to be honest …

How To Speed Up Your Osclass Classifieds Website

If you are using shared hosting of any kind, there are a couple of things you can do in less than 5 minutes, without any cost, that will make your Osclass faster and probably safer.

Enable PHP 5.6+ (or 5.5) from your Control Panel. It is surprising to see in…