New Release for Osclass Classifieds Script: Osclass Enterprise

It appears we have an other (3rd) release channel for Osclass script. This has been posted yesterday in our forums by our user (and apparently a developer) Tango and we think it deserves a little more publicity:

What is it? Osclass Enterprise is the culmination of two and a half years of on and off work, as a personal project, in an attempt to create a perfect, bug-free Vanilla Osclass 3.8.0 experience. It contains fixes and code from all legit sources like MindStellar and OsclassPoint.

Also, I can proudly say that it's the first and only Osclass version that can become a dedicated eCommerce platform.

Just by changing a setting in the admin area and by installing 2 plugins (Pay Plugin and Virtual Products), you can say by-bye to OpenCart, PrestaShop etc.

Only you (the admin) and your employees will be able to post listings, not the normal users. For them, the "Publish Ad" button and option will be unavailable.

Today, 302 commits later, I believe it's finally done, or better said I got too burned out from all the tinkering that this platform needed…

I must confess that if I knew how much work in testing and development, Osclass actually needed, I doubt I would have started on this journey.

You can read the full post about Osclass Enterprise here. And the change log here.

The Github repository is here.

Some highlights we spotted:

Added Seller Verification Plugin to the bundled plugins

Added Osclass GDPR Plugin to the bundled plugins

Added Anti Spam & Protection System v2.0 to the bundled plugins

Added listing renewal feature for registered users

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