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Block via .htaccess or The Shield Plugin ?  

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I read your suggestions about blocking blocks of IPs via .htaccess or Wordpress plugin "The Shield".

I would like to ask a general question: What puts less load to the server, blocking via .htaccess or using The Shield ban ?


Posted : December 6, 2017 14:56
Estimable Member Moderator

It depends. If you want to block a few IPs or range of IPs, i guess .htaccess method is best. Best because it is "closer" to the webserver and doesn't involve any Wordpress/PHP/Database.

But if you want something to dynamically block unwanted visitors (spammers, hackers, bots etc etc), then The Shield plugin for Wordpress may work better. You can block for an hour, a day or a week max, and if the visitors comes again within that time, the timer is reset and the block starts again from the beginning.

I was using a WEEK for ban time, but that was a lot and the IP check was slowing down the site. So i'm now using blocking for a DAY and that seems to work just fine.

But all the above depend also on your hosting server and plan resources.

Posted : December 6, 2017 15:35
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I have installed and played a little with Shield plugin. It seems very nice and light. And also covers (i hope) some spam protection.

Thanks !

Posted : December 7, 2017 10:15

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