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Comodo Firewall: Time To Say Goodbye? (after 13 years)

It was around 2000 that i discovered Zone Alarm firewall for my Windows working pc. I was very exited at the time because ZA was a lightweight and powerful firewall. But that didn’t last for very long, ZA after 2-3 years turned to a heavy bloatware. Around that time ZA …

top 10 attackers

Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for July 2019

Because some people ask, we are not talking about spammers here, we are talking about xss attacks, brute force attempts, sql injections, you name it. Attacks for hours, very coordinated, same type of attack and same target from different IP every 2-3 seconds.

In this TOP 10 i will skip …

top 10 attackers

Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for June 2019

Here is the Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting and Cloud Services for June 2019. The data is collected from 11 Websites, mainly running WordPress and sorted by the number of attacks from their IPs.

1. Cloud service “Digital Ocean, Inc” (US & NL & SG), IPs – – …


HACKED: Two Top WordPress Security Plugins Failed

Three days ago two WordPress sites of ours, were hacked via YUZO Related plugin (60.000+ installations worldwide). Both sites were updated to WordPress 4.9.10 and some very popular security plugins were active. Actually each website was running a different security plugin and BOTH totally failed in their mission.

First WordPress …

Banned from GDPR NOT Respected? …. [S01E02]

After being banned from for no reason at all, we tried to get our accounts removed/forgotten as we are entitled under GDPR European law.

The guys at have done a great job making hard for anyone to contact them for some reason. Finally we were able to locate …