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[Closed] Full Osclass 3.8 Stripped from Market and Updates, with Bender theme 3.20  

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Since we never thought things would go down so fast with, in order to help mainly new installation, we have prepared an full Osclass 3.8 with the following changes.

1. Updated to Bender theme from 3.15 to 3.20

2. Included 12 file changes to strip Osclass Market and Updates dependancies, so your site and admin will not stall or totally crash, due to the fact that and the subdomains have been shut down.

The changes are the following if you are interested:

Since the Geo database has been also shut down, you will not be able to install a new location (country) during the installation. Also you may experience a pause for a minute or less because of the missing geo database server. Do not worry, wait for the timeout to happen and finish the installation.  Then manually import the location you want from the forums here.

Posted : September 28, 2019 17:05