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[Sticky] Osclass 3.9.0 Released  

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Stable Osclass release v3.9.0

Osclass 3.9.0 2019-11-14

- First release after official Osclass Shutdown.
- Moved and updated almost all external PHP library to latest working one in separate vendor directory.
- Fixed Multiple bugs
- Removed old Osclass Market related code
- Fixed PHP 7.3 Compatibility
- visit https://github.com/navjottomer/Osclass/commits/master for full commits history.

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Posted : November 17, 2019 01:41
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List of 3rd party plugins and themes that do NOT work with 3.9.0

1. Anti Spam Protection plugin. Shows some crash in admin. Probably due to phpmailer changes/updates. It can't be used because settings crash.


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Posted : November 17, 2019 13:59
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An other problem is with Osclass Wizards theme and a fatal error in admin.

It is easy to fix it, just remove or comment the following line from theme's "admin/category-icons.php" file:


$conn = getConnection(); 


It is unused anyways.

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Posted : December 2, 2019 19:34

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