Comodo Firewall: Time To Say Goodbye? (after 13 years)

It was around 2000 that i discovered Zone Alarm firewall for my Windows working pc. I was very exited at the time because ZA was a lightweight and powerful firewall. But that didn’t last for very long, ZA after 2-3 years turned to a heavy bloatware. Around that time ZA was sold to Check Point company.

So i switched to Comodo Firewall (CIS now) during 2006. Until last month (October 2019).

For more than a year now, Comodo Firewall has become highly unstable. It all started when Windows 10 1903 update was released. The “fixes” and the updates are taking a very long time and that makes things even harder. Comodo CIS seems to be in a constant beta state and apparently WE (the users) are doing the beta test. Not acceptable for a security software.

The latest version (2019 v12.1.0.6914) is the worst update Comodo released. It created so many issues with Windows 10 and can’t even be uninstalled without using their cleanup tool !!! After installing that update, my event log was full of red errors and all those stopped when i removed Comodo.

So i think I’m getting a divorce with Comodo firewall after so many years. But what are the free alternatives right now for Windows 10?

After doing a little research and testing, i found only one for me. Not a real firewall but a Windows Firewall Control software. No HIPS and no auto-containment protection. Just an interface for the native Windows 10 firewall. But is works right and has a mode to block ALL outgoing connections (and allow or block per case). The only thing i miss, is a way to “Allow for one time” and not permanently. When something is trying to initiate an outgoing connection, you have only 3 options: Allow, Block or Block for now. Not an option to “Allow for now”.


Do i feel safe? Not much but what are the options? I will keep looking for something to properly replace Comodo Firewall ….

WFC was originally developed by Binisoft and now part of Malwarebytes company.

4 thoughts on “Comodo Firewall: Time To Say Goodbye? (after 13 years)”

  1. fsk says:

    Comodo Firewall and AV has many bugs that are down-played for some reason. Bugs reported and verfiried by users a long time ago but for some reason they remain unfixed.

    One of them is if you boot your external USB drive powered, then you can’t eject it. And in the Windows event logs you see cmdagent (or something) and comodo blocks that.

    Reported on Comodo Forums several times, still they do NOT care.

    On the other hand, Comodo Firewall (i also use) is a unique beast and i wasn’t able to find a replacement for it.

    good luck….

  2. Comodo Supporter says:

    Please do not give up Comodo Firewall. Install the previous version (6882) and wait.

    It is not Comodo’s fault if Microsoft Windows 10 in every update, changes the whole OS.

    Comodo is doing the best they can.There is no Firewall like that that i know of.

  3. Wills says:


    Why don’t you give Zone Alarm Free Firewall a try ?

    Works nice and does most things Comodo FW does.

    1. Editor says:

      Oh no. Zone Alarm is not any good as a firewall. A 32bit application that makes your pc heavy loaded.

      And i’m a bit concerned about their privacy policy, if you know what i mean ….

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