Top 10 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for July 2019

Because some people ask, we are not talking about spammers here, we are talking about xss attacks, brute force attempts, sql injections, you name it. Attacks for hours, very coordinated, same type of attack and same target from different IP every 2-3 seconds.

In this TOP 10 i will skip IPs because it takes time to find them. Also i will sum up and sort by Name and then by Attacks, so using this way different IPs from the same company will be counted correctly.

Also this is the last TOP 10 since it seems we got the picture by now. Maybe a TOP 10 or TOP 20 per YEAR is better and easier.

  1. ¬†And the winner is Cloud service “Azure”, [AU])

2. Google LLC !! ( IP:

3. Cloud service “ColoCrossing”, [US]

4. Cloud service “OVH Systems”, [FR& CA]

5. Cloud service “Digital Ocean, Inc” [US & CA & NL]

6. Cloud service “Leaseweb”, [DE]

7. Cloud service “Alibaba Advertising”, (CN)

8. Cloud service “NForce Entertainment”, [NL]

9. “M247 Ltd”, [GB]

10. Cloud service “, LLC”, [US]

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