Top 20 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for January 2020

Those are the January TOP 20 attacks. The sample was taken from 9 websites running mostly WordPress. The attacks are usually probes for WordPress plugin vulnerabilities and SQL injections attempts. A small ammount of attacks are brute force and spam attempts.

1ColoCrossingUS, CA
2Eonix CorporationUS
3WholeSale InternetUS
4DataShack, LCUS
5OVH SystemsFR
6Oy Creanova HostingRU
7M247 Europe SRLFR, GB, RO, US, EU
8Enzu IncUS
9B2 Net SolutionsCA
10NForce EntertainmentNL
11Selectel LtdRU
13Shenzhen TencentCN
14Alibaba AdvertisingCN
15Hetzner Online GmbHDE
16Choopa, LLCUS, IncUS
18TORAT Private EnterpriseUA (Ukraine)
19KyivstarUA (Ukraine)

2 thoughts on “Top 20 Hostile Web Hosting & Cloud Services for January 2020”

  1. JSCB says:

    Can i ask how you format your tables above? Manually or with a plugin?

    It looks pretty amazing.

    1. Editor says:

      We use Tablepress plugin.

      Keep in mind that you MUST have WP 5.3 and above to activate it.

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